In the world of slavery

In the middle of the desert waiting to build illusions of hopes on moving sand …mix feelings between excitement and fear… i know it might hurt, emotionally… Standing in the eye of the storm looking for the time to discover new horizons new world pushing limits outside the box, going freely on my feet to the world of slavery.. Helplessly trying to get away from my thoughts that you already dominated by your fantasies…. bounded on an illusion in the dark waiting the execution. Patiently i need the time to come but what am I waiting exactly?

We say rules are made to be broken… your few rules till now were respected but one rule I don t promise that I will respect some things are not easy to be controlled… I am not skilled as you.. You controlled my thoughts, my pain and you made me push the fear away and go flawlessly to my inner world of fetishes and passion… Are you still not convinced that it is real? i am here on my knees in front of your power giving you the chance to discover my body and my abilities and make me obey your voice whispering in my ears (( now you are free )) I was free under your feet more then when I was running behind my fading hopes and I found that i had more dignity even if I was on my knees. My body was flying even when I was tied with ropes. And I was dreaming when I was blindfolded feeling your hands, and listening to the sound of your whip … You made it thunder and rain… you asked me to beg you for mercy but what mercy I really need now? you were more merciful then the fake world pretending to be caring, loving and tender…

Thank you sir for your passion and patience Thank you for letting me trust you and I promise to let every centimeter of my skin screams for you to sign your marks on… these marks that make me smile and remind me that it was my first time I had the chance to choose my sweet pain by myself.

My body is waiting for you to discover more. Until then… keep smiling and keep your positivity…And be sure that as much as you show toughness. I still see a sweet caring person who made me submis to his magical touch and soft eyes…

Truly yours.

your free slave

Raging closet


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