Suddenly the music stopped

suddenly the music stopped … the people vanished… and my heart skipped a beat… You are here.


I knew you will come and I knew as well that you barely noticed me.., that s how things are meant to be … a fast hug… seconds weren’t enough to let me catch my breath , I continued my way trying to hide between the crowed dancing with anyone trying hopelessly to keep my thought away from you… I failed as always did as if the time didn’t pass… I never forgot how much I love you when you are drunk.. the way you move, those sleepy eyes , that pierced eyebrow and these shiny soft shoulders were enough to make me fall in you. Even if I am not looking I can feel your vibes. You followed your partner hopeless. The way you looked at him, your moves, your look, your sluty smile, your hands holding that cigarette … ahhh that magical cigarette that I loved the most ,the way you hold it and the way you share with her all your secrets… I memorized every single detail trying to keep the images in my imagination. As a video camera recording the action in slow motion afraid to lose attention of every single detail, that sad look in your eyes mixed with passion was everything… the club was empty dark and there were only you on the dance floor dancing and stealing all my memories my feelings and my attention… I waited hopelessly you to be drunk enough to steal a dance a hug a kiss from you as you used to do.. you didn’t want to tease your partner that evening ? I don t know if you noticed me dancing my heart with you… looking at you … and having a cigarette with you… and suddenly you walked toward me sweet warm sexy you hugged me, I was with you again close to the air you are breathing the feel of your soft skin your cheeks your breath near my lips… I wished that the time stops , I can t get enough… 2 seconds of life were enough to take me back to that beach in jbeil barefoot shy listening to hamed singing, ba7er when life gave me the permission to dream in my most sensual date ever but dreams are not meant to last … but it s time again for you to walk away … I know you didn’t t notice me that s how things are supposed to be…


That night I couldn’t t sleep every time I closed my eyes I saw you moving dancing smiling I was afraid to sleep and forget the taste of your warm hug, I replayed continually in my head all your moves … All I have from you are the memories of the small details that made you magical …I tried to imagine what you were doing that moment ? are you having your last cigarette naked on your balcony with your sexy black underwear on, looking to the sky while someone waiting you in bed to sleep peacefully ? or are you preparing another innocent war ? or are you planning to make someone taste your pure addictive enjoyment juice …


Moments were fast and all what remains are memories that make me smile every time I remember you as a sweet fantasy of love that will not be converted to reality…

In the memory of the vanished love



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