It s all about perspectives…

On the 8th of April 2017 I was surfing my Facebook as usual on my morning routine, I was stopped by a title according to Pink news: Two men arrested for having gay sex face up to 100 lashings with a cane… Two Indonesian men face being hit up to 100 times each with a cane after being reported to the police for engaging in gay sex. After 10 minutes a friend of mine who is known as a master dominant and who s confortable with who he is sent me a reply on an idea I was sharing with saying wow that s a great idea you deserve 10 extra lashes for that… What a coincidence I was angry and sad by the news about these 2 Indonesian guys facing the lashes… and in the same time someone in this world is enjoying counting the lashes of his dominant. Same act and two different feelings… Who is really the victim here? And what am I supposed to feel?

Mixed feelings, angry about the cruel world we live in that decides to punish two men for living their intimacy… But in same time I was smiling and excited when I saw the message from my dominant who brought my memories back to the time when I was tied up facing his sweet lovely torture experiencing pain and excitement… what the fuck is wrong with me in some place I am angry about the violent world we live in and in same time I am excited about the idea of being dominated myself? What s the difference between me and these two Indonesian victims and what is the difference between my dominant and the Indonesian police… am I really going with the flow of the violent world? What if I am becoming a part of it in the name of pleasure?

We live in a world where we are told that we are free. Some of us are born to be gay bisexual lesbians and other grow up experiencing some fetishes and enjoying their ways to live and experiencing their bodies … Some enjoy pain, domination and even humiliation and make sexual scenes out of it because, why not? It s our body and we can enjoy the way we want freely with our full conscious and agreement…

Unfortunately in our community we still look at the slave and master relation as a degrading view we call them sick and we label their act as violent… we judge anything different as abnormal and unnatural … aren t we judged as sick as a community at the first place?

How is it fine and healthy for our world to legitimize the violence against two gay men for living and experiencing their intimacy freely … but it s not fine and unacceptable for it to see two persons in BDSM session and judge the act as violent and sick… what a schizophrenic world we live in …

The real slaves are the one who are obliged to live the way their owners want them to live. We are the slaves of this patriarchal hetero system that still believe that sex is a sin and talking about our bodies and desires is a taboo …

Violence is what we see everyday as punishment that our community is facing because of their choices and their freedom to experience their bodies and feelings. Lately we started to read about concentration camps in Chechnya where people are facing a real torture and fear and humiliation for being who they are… in 2017 gay Chechens have been rounded up because of their sexual orientation, beaten, blackmailed, and even killed. Chechnya opens world’s first concentration camp for homosexuals since Hitler’s in the 1930s where campaigners say gay men are being tortured with electric shocks and beaten to death, and the world is watching silently busy judging an innocent sexual act…

And for my dominant who once mentioned that he see himself as a heartless evil I say don t judge yourself that way cause you are a sweet heart who embraced my body with his caring touch who always pushes my limits and enjoyed my pain in my full agreement and submission. You just decided to live your desire the way you want and you never judged the choices of others and you didn t punished anyone because of his believes or orientations, you only made a peaceful war of bodies and thoughts enjoying the pleasure of the moment.. just look outside and see who are the real evil of this world who decided to condemn other for their choices…

On a side note a slave and master relation is an experience to discover feelings and limits where rules and ethics exist and where trust, love and respect for the other is a golden rule…yes in some place pain fear and pleasure go hand in hand. It s all about our imagination some keep it hidden and other choose to live it and experience it, after all it s a freedom of choice.

Finally the real pain is the pain that we feel in our souls, and slavery is when we are obliged to live against our will when we give up our true selves … Humiliation is when the society shame our orientation… Our bodies are an artistic gift from the nature and we should never be ashamed of. We should never imprison our sexual desire and imagination.

I guess it s time to change our perspective on how we see things and be more tolerant … sometimes the act might look the same but the perspective and the approach is different…

Finally enjoy life the way you want and speak up against the real injustice and oppression, and keep on dreaming that above the dark clouds a rainbow is waiting to shine….


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