I was born in a country where being different is a sin, talking about our bodies and desire is a big taboo. Back in around the 2000 (my puberty years and the age when I started discovering my body) the society was more close-minded. No social media and nothing. I always felt I am different; my desires are unusual… It took me a while to understand my tendencies and my feelings. The struggle was real and the rejection of myself was destructive. I felt that I was the only person with such a feeling. We had nothing… I was lost in the middle of a hate homophobic society. But with time i got to learn how to accept myself and live the way I want.

As gays we say we should make our mothers and fathers and in Lebanon we should create our role models and icon. For the past years the country was busy with war and and the queer popular art was absent, until mashrou3 Leila came and started to sing about controversial topic, until Hamed Sinno came out and broke the silence. He was the first Lebanese and Arab artist who came out to the public and make it a premiere… Some called him the Lebanese freddie Mercury… I love to call him    “ our hamed “ yes he s for us , he s the first who has the courage to speak up breaking taboos, he is the first middle eastern singer who came out revealing his sexual orientation, facing bullying and society judgments…he risked his career and his safety.

Thank you Hamed for being in the front row of our community. Thank you for singing – tayf , kalam , skandar maalouf, bichouf, 3ala babou, 2em el jacket, 3 d2aye2 , shem el yasmin and all the great songs that touched our soul and relived our pain. Thank you for all the songs that spoke up our mind, our heart and our soul. Thank you for being a positive image of our community. Thank you for breaking the silence and the stereotype… Thank you for taking all the jokes at the expense of your sexuality for us.

Thank you for bringing back our original culture that was abolished from our history. Thanx for revealing the true Abou el Nawas and the other old hidden queer Arabic figures

Thank you for making your sexuality and our cause the essence of mashrou3 Leila. Thank you for talking about the rejection of our culture`s norm and giving us the chance to show our true selves. Thanx for your voice that became our shelter in our bitter nights.

Now we can start talking about the creation of our Lebanese Arabic queer music. Now as queer we can listen to our own Arabic music that reflect our true culture. I hope that the next lgbt generation will be influenced by Hamed’s message and find in him a role model not like when i was a teen age who had nothing to refer to. and hope that one day your voice will be louder then the hatefull society

Today is 25 April 2017 I want to dedicate this blog to wish a happy birthday to my great icon Hamed Sinno and may you age fiercer, stronger and queerer.

And let me put this as it was wrote in Arabic

خبز الغراب بدا ينما بنورت الارض غدًا ياما


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