Something between hurt, and pleasure

The fun time is over, the stage was set , the director was there passionately busy preparing for the act. First I saw Ropes hanging from the ceiling. And with a fast eye scanning I saw many material .I had no time to imagine what might happen in that moment and what role will I have to play. I just want to give up myself for your will. In a sharp voice asked to striped down and be prepared to play the role that was meant to be played . Fear and happiness went through my veins. The moment long waited is there. A glimpse of fear flashed in my head thinking what the hell am I doing here again on this stage waiting another execution… few minutes ago we were laughing with no boundaries, and now it s time for each one of us to play his role. The master and his slave.

What could happen? it doesn’t matter as long as I am with you. On my knees in front of you feeling your breath mixed with your power. Feeling your sweet body mixed with your roughness…

I am here in front of you can you feel my heart happy in its defeat in front of your will ? I am here submissing to you my body and my soul my fear and my pain … I know you hate me when I laugh during the serious moment but you know I can t be more happy then to be with you. tied up losing my power over my body giving you the all myself for you to discover and be yours. I am sure I will be safe…

This time I wanted to earn it. Earn the honor to be called the true slave.. you asked me if I want to go on with my plans I fearlessly said : “ as long as i trust you … YES ” . What worth could happen ? I got the pleasure to give you my body to prove your victory over me… it was  painful my weak body was recalling to quit but I wont ever fall.. I ll stay there in front of you enjoying the time serving pleasure fun fear and even pain. I needed pain to justify my existence with you. I needed to prove that I can take it the hard way to be with you. i needed your approval. I admit this time it hurted me but I learned … my weak human side might give up escaping to the safe word disregarding the shame and the humiliation… but I wont ever give up on the experience . you wont scare me. You won t be able to hurt me more then life.

This time it was different I felt closer. Your body was my refuge. I never felt safe as much as I felt  under your sweet feet even when you tied up your arms around my neck you were the oxygen of that moment even if you want to take my breath away … the test was hard but I earned it proudly. I loved when my body failed under your power.

The safe word was not the Declaration of the final Defeat yet. You are the one who direct. You are the one who give orders. tired between your legs you opened my eyes to find myself holding your feet with you siting over me embracing my wounded hurt body. It was a moment silence, tired and in pain trying to catch my breath between your white soft feet… my heart was beating fast wishing to scream out loud to tell you “ I want you and I was even ready to take a second round wishing to stay a longer time with you”. but i wanted to feel you more.   This is my latest experience with the BDSM… I am lucky to share this moments with my great dominant who I  trust and I really enjoy beeing with.

In a side note for you guys please stay safe know your limits and use your safe word whenever you feel you need to and that doesn t mean that you are giving up… after all it s a scene for fun and pleasure… And for you my master I say I am glad to be with you and to be called a slave… and my body will keep counting perfectly its beat for you:

1 sir… thank you sir

2 sir.. thank you sir

and so on


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