A step in rubber

It was that guy wearing a harness in his profile pic on grinder who triggered my curiosity. This kind of bold profiles attracts me. I never hesitated to talk to him and get to know him. We shared a mutual interests. I was attracted to him even without seeing his pic. It was my first time I go on a blind date. It was a Friday morning I was of. We decided to meet… I did t have any expectation. Suddenly a cute guy with long hair wearing black weaved at me. Cute, was the first word that blinked in my head. He got into my car and we started to have a chat on the way to my place. We discussed BDSM and why we were interested in it. He s so educated about it and he knows well what he wants. He never hesitated to show interests in me. Some move over my neck were enough to make me feel comfortable and made me  ready for the new experience.

He was proud of his bag that includes all his toys and stuff. It was a new perspective and once again my body and my soul were ready…

I undressed and he handed me an overall made of black rubber. It was a new feeling for me . My body was exposed under a layer of a thin black rubber that includes many zippers that was useful for the dominant to choose and manipulate his targets in specific space of my body…I wasn, t bounded but I decided not to move and to keep my hands on my back to keep the freedom for my dominant to contemplate and plays the way he wants to. I was happy and excited between all of these kinks. This time there was no fear but there was more excitement and more pleasure and I was pleased submissing to Master F…

Blindfolded, feeling his breath his touch his pressure and the pleasure went through my body. This time the rules were a bit easier as I was able to communicate and share my feelings. It was a good step that made me more relaxed. I can feel his ego to prove his knowledge and his pride of his kinks… he mastered every move and my heart melted in the sound of his crop whip. He succeeded to make me travel with my though through the darkness in a world full of dreams, pleasure and sweet sins. Few moments and I felt united to his body and connected to his plan ready for any task I was supposed to execute . And I was ready to break more taboos and go deeper in the slavery world. He held my body with care he was fully free to go wherever he wants…

Suddenly he decided to remove my blindfold… it was like the time to wake up from the dream. It took me few seconds to realize where I really am… It was difficult to me to re-adapt to the reality and the present… it was a strange feeling that I felt for the first time… it s like it wasn’t me, or as if I was in a deeper space… was this real life and who was the person laid back submissing his soul and his thought, as if it wasn t the usual me… it was a deeper version of myself born in the world of pleasure…. But here I had the chance to look in his beautiful eyes and to dive more in his world , to contemplate his pure busy body and to feel his passion with fearless thoughts… I realized that the darkness made me travel from reality and live with every move and with every pain a dream and a story… the pain here was the path for more pleasure and it got me more connected to my dominant…


He fully controlled my thoughts… he handled my body with decency and care… I am lucky to submiss to such a sweet cute and confidant dominant… This time was the time to discover more myself and there were more kinks to live and more taboos to crunch…

After we ended up we spend more time discussing more kinks he got busy showing more stuff and I had the joy experimenting a new world between straight jackets, gags, puppy mask and much more… The more he showed me the more I felt ready to discover more, looking for the pleasure between every game and every role… WHY NOT…

To my readers I say: don t be scared to live every experience you feel you want to… life is short and our bodies are our property and trust is the key between you and your partners.

To the great dominants I say: respect your subs. Even in the most humiliating role plays we feel your care and even your decency and in your toughest moments that attract us we feel connected to you… when we submiss to you it means we fully trust you  and we admire your power that turn us on and ad spices to our lives… At the end it s our kink our fetish… never break this trust cause It hurts . it hurts emotionally more then physically…

And to my Master I say everyone may dominate but few can master…Thank you for being in my life and I wish life gives us a longer time possible to be together… Until then all your rules will be happily respected


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