A Lebanese advertisement breaks the social norms

Very few ads in Lebanon that reach the real target audience. It s that ad of Crepaway celebrating its 33rd birthday that broke many rules, many taboos, tackling many controversial Issues, talking to all the component of the society showing tolerance and acceptance…

As I remember It s the second time in the Lebanese advertising history the equality of love was represented in the media… After the famous ad of Aizon in 2004 with the slogan of vote for tolerance ( it was a billboard ), once again Crepaway with the new TVC ad targeted the lgbt consumers and accepted them as part of the Lebanese society.

With Crepaway`s famous slogan #ComeAsYouAre, the advertising showed acceptance to everyone regardless their culture, interests, orientation, styles and sexuality…

this ad comes before one week of the international day against homophobia and transphobia . It was a voice in the face of the closed homophobic society as it features a lesbian couple sitting by the sea with a voice that says (And here’s to never hiding your love-bites) mentioning the right of the equality of love… this ad was a new step toward a society that accept the difference…

Now we hope to consider Crepaway a new LGBT friendly place where we can hold our lover`s hand safely and never hide our love…   As i hope the consumers of Crepaway are in the same level of acceptance… I wish this step will succeed in pushing forward the level of awareness and acceptance in the Lebanese society so one day we can say proudly: “I live in this country as i am”

Good Job Crepaway and happy 33 birthday

and good Job Wonder8


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