Horrifying IDAHOT 2017


It s May 2017 and here comes IDAHOT this year…
I don t believe that in 2017 we are still talking about Homophobia and transphobia.I can t believe in 2017 people are still killed because of their sexual orientation. I don t want to believe that there s a place in this world still have concentration camps for Gay people.
I refuse to imagine parent were asked to kill their children for being Gay… that s horrible that’s scary… The world is silently watching the LGBTQ people are executed because of their orientation…
My heart today goes for Gay Men In Chechnya who are facing strongly one of the most horrifying executions against gay in the world. In the middle of the scary silence I send you my thought and my feeling… I can feel your pain and your fear…
“There are only three things that can happen to such a person in Chechnya. ” They can leave, the can kill themselves, or they can be killed. They are Unchechen. Unpeople.” “Unchechen” is about the attempted genocide of gay men in Chechnya
IDAHO this year come sad facing the brutal action toward the LGBT in the world
I wish one day we can live in this world peacefully and free to be who we are. Because it s our nature and it s our right to exist and live in peace
in 2017 we are still screaming one voice for all the world

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