Helem launches IDAHOT 2017 Campaign

“I am someone just like you, I don t pose a threat to the society.. But this society allows the fact that I am beaten, humiliated , imprisoned , raped or even killed. Don t be a part of it… Acceptance is what builds societies, hate creates terrorism. Acceptance starts from YOU  Homophobia is terrorism Be special don t discriminate

By these words Helem launches the campaign of the IDAHOT week 2017 calling people to stop the hate, and discrimination against the LGBT community …

Helem is a Lebanese LGBT organization fighting for around 15 years against the homophobic society and the famous 534 Lebanese law that criminalize any unnatural sexual relation , this law is used to put gay people in Jail…

IDAHOT 2017 in Lebanon will be special this year …Beirut will host the first Beirut pride week  check the agenda of the event


Don t forget to join Helem’s summit at metro el Madina – Saturday 20 May 2017 from 10:30 am till 4:00 pm

Great Job Helem and big shout-out from the heart for the great volunteers and members who are risking their lives to fight and stand for the LGBT cause in Lebanon


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