Perfect illusion

It s that moment in life when you don t know what is right and what is wrong.Where do you belong? What label should you find for yourself ? it s when your believes collapse… and when your safe place threat your soul and your inner peace…


I am just tired from being strong,

Searching for hopes in empty dark boxes, trying to be correct in the most incorrect place. Who define what is correct and what s not anyway?

I am just diving in the wild ocean swimming endlessly in the storm to nowhere…I am just swimming to stay alive, without any destination. Is the ocean my natural place to survive? Why to survive? Why to fight a war that has no end? Isn’ t it giving up less painful and less tiring…

Sometimes it s easier to let go life itself and walk away from pain…

It s when the  illusion that you built collapse and the sand castles fly away by the wind…

Every time I believe that I can stand up a reality hit me harder, a Hit that wakes me up from my fake impossible dreams . That hit that makes me scream silently. Silence that is more painful than a whip, taking punishments for mistakes I never made…

Hopelessly looking for anything to bring me back to life…

even if it was a perfect illusion… Or a silent voice that says “i love you don t leave”


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