It was a sunny summer day. I was heading alone to our place where we used to meet… Your car was there… You were sleeping in my bed…what were you doing here, sleeping topless with a light blue jeans and super clean white socks..

How you got there ?

I was surprised your eyes was smiling peacefully… You opened your hands and you hugged me …It was the first time I feel you that close… We never hugged …Never felt that safe, no fear , just peace … I took the chance to kiss you… why not… now am free …No rules…your rules are not working there anymore…

Your lips were close and your breath was warm… it was the first time I embrace your sweet body with my hands  moving free…

Suddenly you grabbed tight my hands above my head and I found myself as usual tied with the rope. That s how I know you that s how I am used to you…


I opened my eyes to  find myself alone in my bed…ready to start my new day…

it was just a dream. This time i know that my dream will never come true

I missed being unsafe with you..



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