A day in a kingdom

We never know where the roads of life lead us. I never thought that one day I ll be in a room on my knees my head to the wall submissing my life, my power to a person I  know for 24 hours only… It s that fear of the unknown that pushes me to go freely on my feet into fantasies i wish to discover more.

But do I really know what I am wishing for?


It s an external power pushing me inside an unknown place to live a new chapter or maybe just a  fantasy or maybe a new life.

Bare chest on my back under his power couldn’t escape from the destiny he s drawing to me … couldn’t thought twice of my decision…In the illusion of the freedom of my choice he took my submission he took my heart beat my fear my ego my power my freedom and my life… Without looking at his face or feeling his eyes his voice was enough to shape up my imagination…

((Welcome to my kingdom)) and I don t know which door he opened and what path he s leading me into…  An unknown destiny where the only choice i have is  to leave…

I will walk his path and I ll dance once again to the music of my fear. Wishing to be safe in the most unsafe places.

To you sir I say welcome to my heart, welcome to my life… I give up for you my powers please keep me safe… and don t forget to make me dream…


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