A letter from a submissive

Around 5 months ago my journey in life took a new road. Ropes, whips, riding crops, floggers, leather hoods, consents, safe words, limits, check lists and other new terms invaded my space… It s been 5 month for me experimenting the world of BDSM, 5 months just passed of me enjoying being a submissive and learning from good and bad experiences. I got the chance to meet people who played a major role for me to experiment my fetishes safely and wisely … Definitely it was not a version of 50 Shades of Grey, and I never expected anything close to it. ( As the movie was way too far from our community reality… ) Before I dig in that world, BDSM blogs made me dream and I always imagined myself bounded and serving a powerful figure till I got the chance to meet my first play partner a Hot master who won my trust and made my heart kneel for him and from that moment my journey in discovering started… I experienced different kind of kinks and I started developing a list of hard and soft limits … Till now I still call myself an experimental submissive and I am still at the very start of the journey with few dreams wishing to turn some of them into reality.

Here we go with a letter I want to share with all my dominant readers and especially to the masters in my society.


Dear Sirs…

Kindly accept this letter from a new experimental sub trying to find his way in the BDSM world and where there is few points I feel I need to express…

Please note that submissives are not Weak and we are not door holders nor ass kissers. We are strong enough to give up our power and our control, when we submit to you it means we trust you enough to give you that power and we enjoy ourselves serving you and being helpless in your hands. Remember it s our fetish as well and its our pleasure. Please be good leaders to us lead our emotions wisely and never abuse them, dominate our body responsibly and respect our limits and never break our trust. We are extremely connected to you and we feel your actions even if we are blindfolded. Try to be a bit educated and understand the real kinkster lifestyle, have an idea how to develop a healthy mindset and help your submissive to reach a level where both you can enjoy this life style in a healthy way.

Dear dominants keep in mind as gay submissives in this society we went through a lot of struggles to get a bit of freedom to develop our personalities as LGBT, we don t need more walls ,we don t need more negative vibes. We just need to enjoy our kinks with our partners freely… I personally need a dom who pushes me to bring down my walls and never jail me in the patriarchal rules… For me admitting my kinky feeling is another level of breaking another taboo, it s another sexual expression added to my identity that is already a reason for shaming In my society… And i am sure you guys went through a lot of wrong judgment as well…

Dear Masters give us the opportunity to live our freedom in your slavery rules and understand that there s different shades of submission, push the limits wisely and let us give you our submission freely… I am not trying to top from the bottom but am trying to enjoy my kink and my life style … Remember i need to feel safe in your most unsafe situation… After all our fear is the rhythm that we need to enjoy our dance on. Your power is our turn on and pain is the pleasure needed to prove we are owned by your powerful figures… understand it s our pleasure to submit to you… We share same kink with different position and roles and we are in need for each other to enjoy it… we can t enjoy our play without your powerful domination and you can t enjoy without our body and souls surrendered helplessly to your will… and remember we enjoy being with you locked in your rooms , bounded by your presence , earning your rules and taking happily your punishments but in same time respect our life that we struggled to build and respect the shade of submission we are willing to give…

Keep in mind that we are free human who achieved a lot in their life and we have lots of dreams pull us up and never bring us down. We are grown ass men who took decisions in most of our lives and when we submit it s for you we declare our defeat but we will never let life defeat us and we will never give up our dreams…

And finally it s a journey where we need to keep learning and experimenting… it s a flexible human interaction, after all, the slavery world has just ended many years ago  Entering in the BDSM life style for me is just another level of freedom…





I really wish you  share your thoughts and your experience leave your comments bellow on my blog or on our social media platforms ( you can follow me on Facebook or fetlife- Raging closet )  i don t have any right for the photo featured above



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