An unusual July play…

It was that day of July. The sun was burning and it was hot. He came to pick me up as usually. I missed him! I’ve been waiting for 2 months to meet him again so we can play in a new session. 2 months have just passed, and during them a lot of experience were acquired.

I was Eager to show him what I have got and a higher pain tolerance. Eager to take the chance to serve his tasks, and my feet soles were hungry for another shot of his sweet torture ever… He was handsome, sweet and elegant, as I know him. My body was shacking, acknowledging the presence of his first owner.

This time the rules were a bit different as we had a new guest. A smiling, tall, cute, guy , was in the car with. A shy hello followed by few words broke the silence on our way to the place where we planned to have the session. This guy will later on play the role of the assistant. We both didn t know what to expect, as the master never warned previously what his plan for the play was.

Naked on my knees and master’s feet resting on my back, feeling a passionate breath coming around and the heat of a soft body coming closer. Our guest has the honor to worship the softest feet. Blindfolded trying to imagine the action of his mouth around the toes that I miss the most. A heavy breath was going around between master and his assistant and a sweet smile trying to break the ice between both of them. While am there waiting to play my role. Looking forward the moment to come to take the first whip and the action start.

Few minutes passed before I felt the first cane over my skin. It was warm and steady, I love that tension that was preparing my skin to take the hottest flogging ever. I missed the pain inflicted from my first dome. the guy who made me discover all these adventures safely. The guy who gave me the self-confidence to be a better sub every time I kneel for his power… Here we go again to the place I love the most to the challenge I enjoy to earn the most. Standing on my feet Bonded my hand toward the ceiling he gave me the strongest flogs that made me feel weak “umm you are not taking much pain today” master said. I felt sad I don t want to disappoint him and I don t want to look as a bad weak sub in front of our guest I want him to be proud. This sentence was enough to push me to prove once again that am ready to impress him.


Our assistant was a sweet heart who wasn’t ready to witness that level of sadism that he wasn t used to, while my dominant was proud showing his skills and me bonded there getting the pleasure and the honor to count the hottest hits.

During the break I asked master if we can remove the blindfold, I really wanted to witness the interaction between the two men, my voyeurism side got excited. it was the first time I have the courage and the will to see what was going on during a play. My naked body was hanging down witnessing the movement of each whip lying on my skin inflicting a hot pain. At that point I understood master rule that I don t have the right to look at him during the play. he was cute smiling proud of his whip I was afraid that my looks might broke his plan but I just couldn’t hold myself to look in his shining eyes, and benefit from the presence of our guest to break small rules as the ambiance was chill and our guest was experimenting some whip over my body.

My dominant recognized my brat mood that I let myself in and he was smart enough to keep the positive mood while he was giving his strongest bastinado whip that I enjoyed the most while the feet of our guest was moving around. These eyes expression, that fear, that passion was everything I can see in the eyes of our guest. A tall white guy with soft skin and big feet moving around answering the tasks and helping my dominant as he was witnessing my pleasure for the pain. He was afraid but I was ensuring with my eye contact that I am ok and I am just enjoying the scene. He was scared until my dominant gave him the riding crop and ordered him to give me some hard ones he looked in my eyes scared to hurt me and I was aware of his concerns and fear. I gave him a smile to give him my trust and he went over my chest giving me some hot crops. I was feeling his heartbeats getting faster with my moans of pleasure. His eyes were looking silently and many ideas were flying freely between the look of the strong master and the passion of the assistant mixed with the fear lying in my breath.

At some point I whished I can serve this guy. Few minutes later I got what I whished for. The hot assistant was sitting above me giving me the chance to taste his feet and the look of his eyes was sending me many messages and made me feel the vibes of a strong pleasure and the will for breaking more taboos.

I didn t want to move my attention from my master’s tasks but at that point I really wanted to take care of that shy guy who s around while master was sitting on the other side giving me the best caning that kept the sexiest marks on my skin. It was a great moment mixed between the sweetness of that assistant and the roughness of the whip of my dominant. It was a pleasure I never felt before. Each one of them gave me his taste and his vision over my body.

That play was strange there was a lot of fun. The rules were a bit loose, but at the same time I had one of the hardest bastinado session up till now and I can say that I really started to enjoy that fetish, that one day was a challenging one for me and I admit that master Knows well how to make me take that amount of pain while I m enjoying while he s reviving my masochist part in a smooth way by respecting my body and my feelings, pushing my limits smoothly in a smart way.


There was a lot of feelings flying between me and the new guy, while i had the chance to taste some of his hot whips that were enough to make me feel his great heart and his sweet dominant side. I wish one day to get the chance to serve him and who knows maybe dance on few heart beats and discover new perspective with him. And who knows maybe writing a new story.

To my first master who makes me enjoy every time I m helpless between his hands, I say thank you for being who you are… You always give me a great image on how a good dominant should be. Elegant respectful and knows how to read his submissive reaction respecting the limits. You never fail to make my heart skip its beat under your gentile pressure. you ll always be a great play partner till I find the right guy who will win my trust. I will always love your whips and I ll always be proud of the marks you leave every time on my skin. And I ll be ready to worship your hottest feet that are well deserved for my submission

To My guest I say: a lot of secrets were hidden last day I wish I can dive deeper in your space and I hope to get the chance to know you more. And have new adventure and maybe we can create a new perspective…


It was a nice play shared between a smart master, an assistant who has the vibes of a great sweet dominant and myself where I was happy to serve the manhood of these two men in a hot kinky scene full of hard flogging, a challenging bastinado play and the taste of hot feet mixed in heavy breath and the moaning released after each hard whip tracing a hot mark over my skin… I whished I got the chance to dive more in an intimate moment but I guess there is still some walls of taboos that needs to be broken…


Finally imagine how boring our life will be without the pleasure of our kinks… There is no harm for experimenting some fantasy, after all life is an experimental field. Live it freely as long as you are not hurting anyone… At the end play wisely and safely understand your kinks and experiment them… my wish in the end of this blog is to find my eternal partner/lover/owner with whom I ll get the chance to fly freely… Until then there s no harm from having some fun…


have a great July.



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